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At last! I have come as close to done with my house I can be for now. As any reno goes, I will always have a list of to-dos, but for now I am quite pleased with my pad! It has been 6 months in the making. Feel free to scroll down to the previous posts to see some of the “before”


The funky pillows on my bed and the large black canvas with the circles are Marimekko fabrics from You know I love me some Marimekko!!

Tell me what you think! The good and the bad! ūüôā

xoxo T


The Home Renovation Saga continues

I must say, I am appreciating the fast turn around we have on the shows as I am currently still undergoing my own renovations at home. I can’t wait to show you all the before and afters. I am still waiting on a few pieces of furniture. I am hoping that it will be complete by the 2nd week of June. Check back in!
xoxo T


Last week was fantastic! I was in NY/NJ to shoot a pilot for a potential new HGTV show! Lots of creativity and inspiration went into it. Can’t say too much yet, but I can say that it was an intense shoot. A MAJOR makeover, tied in with some¬†travel exploration,¬†laced with feel good energy, sprinkled with a little real life drama and polished off with the most adorable homeowners ever!! Whew!¬†It took a lot of people to make the magic happen and what makes it different is that all the “walls” are down. You’ll see just about everyone that is there working from interns to my design assistant to extra carpenters. You will also experience the stress of the the timeline. No TV fluff, this is the real deal!

During the makeover, we had a visit from Jesse, ¬†a close friend of the homeowners. What a complete package this guy was! Let me just start by saying…what a hottie. Ok, now that that’s out in the open- I do not want to take any credibility away from this guy. He has an interesting business going on which is totally relevant to the eco-conscience (who isn’t eco-conscience these days??).¬† His company, The Custom Joiner, takes reclaimed wood from old¬†barns and other sites,¬†even uses the trees from the plot of land where a house is being built and mills it to use back into the construction of the house itself! I thought it was awesome and worth sharing. He gave us some reclaimed wood to use for one of our projects and it totally helped take the design and the concept to the next level. Thanks Jesse!

Guess who worked on the pilot with me?? My dear pal, carpenter extraordinaire, Lynn Kegan from Designed To Sell. He will also be popping up on several new episodes of DTS Chicago soon. You will be seeing a lot of this guy!  

Fingers crossed that the pilot gets a green light!

My favorite things…

I confess, I have been slacking with my updates on the renovations. I am¬†very close to being done with the new place. Here’s where I am at, just¬†waiting for a few last pieces to arrive for the completed look. In the meantime, I want to share a few of the items that¬†are my faves in my new house. I went to Yale lighting in Boston and picked up a gooooooorgeous and funky chandelier. It is called a Prospetto Fiore chandelier. It is made of glass but it looks like chrome. LOOOOOVE IT!prospetto¬†My next favorite is my Ludlow bed. I got this piece online from So far this site has been the most efficient and quality furniture I have received. I can’t believe how beautiful the headboard is. You might be nervous to order online, but take my word for it- have no fear. The stuff I received from them has been flawless, high quality, and affordable.ludlow-bed¬†Most places take up to 14 weeks to get your items, but I got my stuff within 3 weeks. Fabulous!

The Oprah Winfrey Show

Great news! On Wednesday, March 18, I will be a guest on Oprah’s show in Chicago. It’s a dream come true! Myself, HGTV’s Chip Wade from Designed to Sell (ATL), and HGTV’s David Bromstad of Color Splash made over spaces at Georgia Tech for the Messy Homes in America Tour with organization expert Peter Walsh. After we filmed the segment in Atlanta, we made our way to Chicago to meet Miss O herself. The entire staff and crew were amazing. I am super excited about it and I hope that you’ll tune in!

Best! Taniyaoprah-winfrey-show

Fireplace (originally 02-19-09)

I was just asked about the linear fireplace that I wanted to put in my place. He couldn’t picture a 72″ fireplace. I guess I can understand why. ūüôā
It’s not your everyday fireplace.
Here is a photo just in case anyone is interested. It is sleek, modern, and such a focal point to the room! I found this one at
For now, I will have to keep dreaming!
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Beds (originally posted 02-19-09)

Beds. Why do so many people leave the bedroom as an afterthought? Think about it. It is the last place you see004 when you go to sleep, the first place you see when you wake up and there are other things that happen in there which warrant a nice, relaxing set up. Wouldn’t you agree? It is a place that sets the tone for the rest of the day. Organization, color, layout. It is all so very important as to how you start and end your day. SO- take some time to make it your sanctuary. Let it be the place in your home that you retreat to and unwind in. If you wake up in a place that is chaotic, chances are, your day will be too!
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Photos before the demo (originally posted 02-18-09)

For some reason my video didn’t work on the previous blog so I am posting some still photos of the place.

Here is where we are at:
1. The wall to the right of the fireplace is down in the living room, now the place feels open and lofty.
2. The floors are ripped upcondo-032condo-033
3. The tile has started to go down in the bathrooms and up on the kitchen backsplash.condo-034
4. We took down the cabinets in the kitchen opening so that it feels more open to the dining room (I always say that open floor plans are the way to go these days!)
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The search is on… (originally posted 02-04-09)

I have spent the last several days researching furniture online for our new place and alas, I came across 2 really amazing sites and have managed to order just about all of my furniture from them. These pieces are tremendously less then the prices I have been finding at retail stores. I promised to let you in on my renovation process from demo to design and I have to say, buying online is one of my best kept secrets. I tend to do quite a bit of online ordering for the show because it is so much easier and the deals are great! Usually there are little to no shipping costs and it gets delivered right to your door which is the best part. The only parts that requires some patience are the lead times and delivery times. Because of the size of some items, it has to be delivered by freight which takes a little longer. But it’s all good! It will be worth the wait! I am close to finished with my bathroom fixtures selections as well- but for those items, I chose to go visit the stores instead of ordering online. The plumbing gets a little confusing so I wanted to be sure to get some personal assistance with that. Okay, I know you are dying to find out what the sites are already! ūüôā Here they are: and I will share photos of some of the furniture pieces that I chose in my next blog. In the meantime, here is my home video tour of the place before we knocked down the wall and took out the floors. ps The floors look pretty good on camera, but in reality, they are laminate floors that have been dinged up pretty bad.
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I’m back and have lots to tell! (originally posted 01-31-09

What a whirlwind! First, I apologize for the lack of blogging. So much has been going on and I can’t wait to tell you about it!
My hubby and I just bought a new condo. It is gorgeous! The river wraps around the front and side of the building. I just can’t wait to move in! Naturally, as a designer, I have pretty much gutted the entire place. My husband thinks I am insane! At the moment, my Mohawk floors, carpet, and tile are on order. I am loving the look. Very organic and natural. In fact, I want to take you on the journey with me. It’ll be fun to go through this process together. The big question is, “What does a designer do to their own home!!??”. It really is different when it comes to designing my own space. It is so much easier designing for others! Here is what I do know about how I want my new home to look. I am going for a very modern look yet very comfy, y’know- clean lines, crisp light tones, lots of texture, and a few pops of color. I want an open floorplan and tons of light.
I am going to start researching furniture because that part takes a long time! A lot of sofas can take up to 12 weeks to get so I better get a move on it or else we’ll be watching tv while sitting on milk crates. That is definitely not the look I’m going for.

More good news! I just got back from Chicago. I was a guest on…….OPRAH!!! It was a dream come true (well, it’s pretty much everyone’s dream come true!). The show is going to air in early March, but I promise to keep you posted on the exact date as soon as I know. I won’t give away the show, but I will tell you that there was a makeover involved. I was sitting on stage next to her and it was a surreal moment. Completely amazing!

That’s all for now. I will post some pictures of my new place so you can see it from start to finish.
Thanks for checking back in!!
Hugs! Taniya
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